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At Financial Services Saskatoon we truly care about protecting you and your family. Which is why we’ve literally got the best life insurance plans and options to outlive your life span at very affordable rates. We offer a very wide variety of financial services, our core focus is offering the best insurance coverages on mortgages in direct competition with the chartered bank sand Credit Unions. Our Critical Illness Insurance will cover you in the event of getting cancer, having a stroke, or a heart attack and should not be overlooked. Whether you’ve got a job or you’re self employed, make sure you’ve got the right plans set up for you. That way if anything were to ever happen to you, you wouldn’t be in panic mode with no cash flow for your most important assets.

Mortgage Insurance Comparison 

$ 250,000 mortgage 

Amortization period – 20 years 

Annual Interest rate – 4% 

Monthly payment $1,514.95 

Male Age 53 – Non smoker 

Female Age 48 – Non smoker 

Monthly premium 

Bank Rate $ 220.00

Financial Services Saskatoon $ 122.00 – 10 years 

                                               $ 67.55 starting year 11 

                                               $ 41.15 starting year 16 


Total bank premiums over 20 years      $ 52,800

Total Financial Services over 20 years  $ 21,162 

Total Saving with Financial Services over 20 years…… $ 31,638 

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Larry McRorie

I started my career in the banking business with several years spent in credit union management.  Clients were farmers, families and small businesses.

That was the start of my financial planning and it has been my life every since. I have never considered it a job in the traditional sense and have never been a “clock watcher.” Sitting at a kitchen table discussing family insurance planning is more enjoyable than watching television!

I obtained my chartered life underwriter (clu) and chartered financial consultant (ch.f.c.) designation before 1990 and continue to educate myself through seminars dealing with a variety of topics relating to financial planning.

People who obtain a mortgage through a lending institution are encouraged to buy the single product offered. The selling point is convenience and the cost is included in the mortgage payment.  The benefits of shopping for your own insurance far exceeds this “convenience.” Do this for your family!

Consumers are bombarded through the media with all kinds of specialty products dealing with insurance and investments. I am an insurance broker.  That means I am free to fit the needs of my client into products available through a variety of financial providers. Media advertising exposes you to one provider which not suit your specific need.

Insurance offerings are revolving quickly and the method of delivery is changing. Now we have non-medical insurance and insurance that can be completed via the internet or by telephone.  Those methods will make it more convenient for the consumer but as a broker it is my job to line you up with the best product for your needs.

Seniors are targeted by television advertising with a confusing array of advertising by multiple companies. I can help take away the confusion!

Please take time to explore this website to determine your specific needs. Then give me a call. I guarantee there  will be no pressure.

Seniors Insurance Advisor In Saskatchewan

Larry Mcrorie has 40 plus years of experience in the insurance industry and knows all the ins and outs. Usually insurance is that extra paper work that’s thrown in on top of your mortgage payment, retirement savings plans, ect. It’s one of those things that not everyone want to talk about or raise their hand and say sign me up. The fact is most people just sign papers without fully looking over what they’e actually getting into. Larry McRorie is the one guy everyone can look up to and trust. His expertise in the industry shows and he can literally steer you in the right direction when it comes to insurance, you’ve came to the right place

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Life Insurance

Say YES! Life insurance is simple, affordable and it can protect the hard earned money of you and the people you love by giving you a tax-free payment to your beneficiaries. Most employers do have the most basic of life insurance and that alone will not cover the major medical expenses in case of an emergency. While the cost may vary it’s important that you contact us to find a plan that best works for you. Do know that plans are based on age and your current health situation.

Mortgage Insurance

Have you ever considered getting mortgage insurance? and you live in Saskatoon or any city in Saskatchewan? As a top quality pick to protect your family and your mortgage, Saskatoon Financial Services Saskatoon. We’ve got a wide variety of protection options at prices that simply can’t be beaten. Contact us today and find out how Larry McRorie financial services can best suit your wants and needs.

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Disability Insurance

The majority of Canadian home owners decide that purchasing insurance on their home is a smart move but often over look disability insurance. The fact is the only reason people would default on their mortgage is if they end up losing there job. disability insurance is a type of insurance that protects you from falling behind on your mortgage in the event that you go on long term disability. It qualifies you for the monthly funds you need when you need them most. At Saskatoon Financial Services, We truly value all clients and future potential clients. Get a quote today and see if disability insurance is right for you.

Seniors Insurance Advisor In Saskatchewan

Specializing in Seniors Insurance In Saskatoon

Larry McRorie is a financial advisor who has been in the business for 40 years and is now specializing in Seniors Insurance in Saskatoon. Be sure to connect with him by calling our website phone number or filling out a contact form. You can ask him questions regarding all kinds of insurance plans or simply book an appointment. You’ll soon learn which plans best suit your wants and needs.

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